Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Just Thinking...

Thanks Giving traditions are as varied as families who gather together.
I remember the first Thanks Giving I spent with Honey's family.
I had never seen so much food in one place!
The tables stretched the length of three room's and places were set so close together I wasn't sure there would even be elbow room.
The thing that is still the picture that is recalled to my mind is seeing Honey's mom, feet propped on a chair, sitting at the kitchen table, piled high with bags of bread. There she sat, breaking the bread for stuffing and putting it all in a thirty gallon plastic "stuffing can"!

I was used to a much smaller affair.
My favorite part was that Mom would make her family famous Parker House Rolls, and cranberry sauce.
I miss my parent's and grand parents a lot at this time of year.
In my thoughts. my heart goes home often this time of year... I'm off to make some cranberry sauce.

This year the cooking of the Thanks Giving dinner baton is being passed to the next generation.
That makes me happy.

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