Monday, November 14, 2011

Playing With Strings...

I like making a piece of string into something I can wear. 
~Author Unknown

It snowed today.
Right after the wind blew really hard and then the rains started up, followed closely by sleet, it was at that time the snows came.

Well let me just tell you.
I knew it was going to do this very thing.
I didn't know what day exactly.
But history has been pretty good at proving that this kind of stuff would be happening...again.

So I try to prepare.

Being a Grammy means that it can be sort of scary for the grandchildren, one never knows what I will be coming up with to ward off the cold.
A few years ago I dug out my multi-colored stash of strings and made hats.
Knit hat's, crochet hats, hats with bills and hats without.
I think they even turned out pretty good.
As in, I think everyone liked them.
I think...
The asking for more in additional color's, sort of helped me solidify my thinking there.

And headbands too.
Being a little more nervous about them, because not a lot of people were wearing them, yet.
That has happily changed since.

Feeling bad that I didn't get pictures of everyone in their hat's, I have soothed myself with the ones I did find of Tiny Dancer.

Talking her into modeling this years masterpiece, I further consoled myself with more pictures.

It appears I can not have to many of those either.  

Tiny Dancer is a pretty good model for me, sometimes, usually until she gets tired of it all then starts pulling faces at me and we both start laughing to much.

This hat pattern was my very first etsy store purchase.

I was petrified that I was going to mess things up really bad. However with a lot of help from Ele, our very kind and patient, etsy shop owner, the transaction was a lot of fun too. In fact, if she were my neighbor, I would have baked her cookies to thank her!  

I got my chapeau pattern ordered and made.
In a smattering of various sizes and colors.

So once again when the season's began to change, I was pretty sure that heads and ears would be once again needing some help staying warm and viola! Out my crochet hook's, knitting needles, and umpteen hue's of stings have come... 

This is one of the children's size I made from Ele's pattern two years ago...

This years version received a few extra rows to go down a little farther.
Yep, those are the same yo-yo flowers from two years ago...
That right there is the beauty of making them into pins or clips...

It's my favorite hat to make.
Click HERE if you would like to order this pattern.

Headbands work really good, on windy days. 
Better for the braids to bee seen don't you know.

     It took me years and years of trial efforts to work out that there is absolutely no knitting (or crochet) triumph I can achieve that my husband will think is worth being woken up for.
~Stephanie Pearl-McPhee,
At Knit's End: Meditations for Women Who Knit Too Much

Time passes.
It’s ever constant.
Birthdays pass, couples wed, buildings fall and careers end.
“My life is slipping through my fingers,” they say.
My wool passes through my fingers.
I knit for birthdays, housewarmings and those who are ill.
My fingers remind me of the value of my time as I spend it knitting for others and knitting for myself.
The most constant reminder of time is when it’s stolen.
When someone dies,
 knitting has been my solace.
I knit to remember.
I knit to mourn.
I knit to commemorate.
I knit in a connection to time.
To it’s presence on me.
To reclaim the ownership of “me” time.
To pass it.
To relish in it.
To know it.
Time is knitting for me.
Both slip through my fingers.
And both are the fabric of my life.
Nicole Hindes


  1. Those turned out gorgeous!!! & what beautiful "models" you have!!! I'm a big Etsy pattern fan myself. :) She was already in my favorites. Very impressive!!

  2. Sorry! I meant to sign in as Jeni!

  3. ha ha, that quote about waking your husband to see the crocheting is so funny!

    Wow, you have such talent. Those hats/headbands are so stylish and your photography...amazing as usual!