Friday, November 4, 2011

He Thinks He Is The Boss

Meet Honkie, the other cat that lives at our house, when he's not out catin' that is...

HE is a complainer.

He complains if he can see one spot of the bottom of his food bowl, and wants it fixed five minutes ago.
He complains if he can't have his favorite lawn chair. He wont fight Pooka for it, he just sits in front of her and complains loudly. She's used to her brother and ignores him really good. (She is the real boss around here).
He complains if it is to hot, to cold, to wet, to dry, to light, to dark...

You get the picture I'm sure.

But in his defence, he is a great snuggeler. He's a ladies man. He will run from the far corners of the world when he hears his name called by a certain two females around here. He still only answer's me when I have a bowl of tuna and call 'Kitty, kitty, kitty", then he will trot in my general direction.
He is also a pretty good mouser, judging from the little black spots he has accumulated across his nose and the inside of his mouth.

It is because if this, I jump to fill his bowl when he sees that speck of bottom, snuggle with him until he doesn't want me to anymore, and allow him his spot in the sun unmolested.

He does enjoy his run of the town.
He has his routines and I'm guessing other food hand out places. 
He was fixed at the same time his sister was, way back when they were young-un's.

He is a good cat.

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