Monday, November 21, 2011

A Rough Draft

Frosty and I have made a rough draft for the day.
Arise early.
Finish Monday morning chores.
Get to school in time to get "the different hook".
Run all necessary errands.
Figure out what's for dinner.
Practice writing a name.
Then, we will be editing pictures from a shoot we did Saturday.
That's where I met Frosty.
He doesn't have a magic hat, but I think his shoes rock!!

How it really went down...

Mommy sets out choice of clothes, kisses, snuggles Tiny Dancer, then heads for work.

Fall back to sleep.

Wake up a little late.

Race to get dressed. (It is an unwritten rule that I must lose this race).

Bed made. (Just in case it's all I get done today- At least I did something).

Fix Tiny Dancer's hair while we eat breakfast, with the horses, sheep and a dog or two wandering around the table top.

Shoes on.

Not those!
The Pink boots please.

Find Pink boots.

Thanks Grammy :)

Search for back pack.

Head for car while explaining the the purple sheep needs to wait with me.

Follow back seat directions to preschool.


Make regular Grand Entrance.

Hook chosen. (Not the different one. Its not as traumatic as it once was).

Seat found.

Head home.

Clear kitchen counter.

Edit a picture.

Laundry sorted.

Edit a picture.

Check facebook.

Edit Picture.

Work on new blog post.

Alarm goes off.

Time to run errands before schools out.

That should bring me to 11:00 a.m.

Head to the school in time to hear Tiny Dancer's yell from the door way, "Grammy!?"

Be pointed out by intire preschool class.

Stand by door while Tiny Dancer sees all her friends off.

Back seat directions back home.

Call Mommy.


I sure hope Frosty has an easy idea for dinner,.

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