Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Last Of The Organizing For This Year...

I have been on a clean and organizing kick over the past few month's. I'm really not sure what kind of bug bit me, but I guess it has been a good thing.
I got the basement done and that was a huge job that I was very happy to get done.
The only room left after the great movement below, was the little toy room above. A huge problem was that I had no idea how to get the results I was dreaming of.
I wanted a way to see the toy's instead of have them all piled to overflowing in a plastic tub or wooden box.
So off to Wally World I did go.
I came home with a small book shelf, that can be used now for toy's and later for some more book's. We cleared a shelf on the big book case and set up a smaller one in the living room, a reading corner with pillows and a day bed in the sunshine in the back bedroom.
We are happy with the results.

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