Saturday, November 19, 2011

Shoveling Snow

You know a sound that I really miss when it snows?
My Grampa's coal shovel.
Used so much the edges of it curled up at the corner's. That is what he used, he used it day or night. It's scrapping sound resonated through the neighborhood when ever any amount of snow began to accumulate.
At night I'd sometimes peek out the upstairs curtain's and watch him, working with the same steady methodical rhythm he used when he watered the lawn in the summer time.
He had routine's about such things.
He loved to be outside.
And he loved us.
That is the message that was carried through the night on the grating sound of shovel against cement...
Now we have plastic shovels with a little strip of metal, snow blower's and plow's..
Yet when it snows.
Especially at night.
I still listen for Grampas' coal shovel.

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