Tuesday, November 29, 2011


The day after Thanksgiving there were projects of great proportion taking place around here.

Thanksgiving decorations were tucked back in the little box that houses them for the year, replaced by the tubs, boxes, and stacks of Christmas decorations housed, from the attic to the basement throughout the year.

Honey has always maintained an iron rule of "Not listening to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving".

Honestly I've always felt a little bad for him imposing that rule on himself.
Myself, being under no such nonsenseical restrictions, have been enjoying the songs that remind me of Christmas' as a child, for quite a long time.
Remembering Aunt Leona's Christmas party's.
Working on handmade gifts of love for family, with a renewed vengeance.

This year, one epic project was undertaken.

Honey was excited to put up his Christmas lights outside again.
It's what he likes to give to us and to the community. "The kid in all of us".

You see he hasn't done that for a large handful of years now.

Because one year, hoodlums came to our house in the night.
Saddest thing is...they vandaled many houses in our tiny town that year.
That put the kibosh on a lot of people doing Christmas decorations like they normally did for many year's.

And while it's not all the way back to his normal idea of outdoor decorating, it is well on its way!
The mistletoe hanging over the sidewalk is proof of that...

Thank you Honey! And helpers!!

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