Tuesday, October 25, 2011

When I Am Old

I have to admit that I thought that when you got old. Grandmother age old. That life would be quiet and leisurely...

Not so.
Having been at a Grammy age for a while now, I find that I am busier now than I was even as a young wife and mom, but I seem to be more behind on most everything in my world now than I was even then!
What happened to the slowing down?!
Ok well I have been slowing down, but not like I thought I would.
I remember Honey's grandmother telling me one day about laying in bed one morning and making a mental list of the things her sixteen year old mind thought she should accomplish that day. The list was quite lengthy, it included things she had not been able to get around to for a long time, things we consider annual chores, and some just for kicks n giggles. Once the mental list was compiled, momentum adequately build up, she threw back the covers, realizing immediately that it was much colder out there than she had anticipated, she took a deep breath,  went to swing her legs over the edge of the bed and sit up and...

"That is where my sixteen year old mind and my eighty-something year old body disagreed. The mind was willing and the body?", sticking out her tongue and blowing a raspberry for emphases.
She confessed that she climbed back under the quilts to wait for it to warm up a little more. She laughed as she told me how decedent it was to have that ability to lay in bed longer if she wanted.
Quick to tell me that she was up and ready in plenty of time for " sötsaker och kaffe", (sweet treats and coffee). A time each week, when her children would come over to her house for coffee, tea, or postum and a sweet bread of some sort, and visit a morning away together. 

The moral of this story is, to learn when your mind is younger than your body, trust both to know what you can do and when, and that it is ok to lay in bed a little longer sometimes. Relish the moments of pleasure with loved ones as often as you can.
On days when I'm feeling old, I would sure like to grab a pillow, blanket, and a good book, lay on the heater all day reading, and stop only for ice cream :) Cause I hear that when you are old, you only have to do the things you want to... riiight!


  1. That is GOOD news for my future! ha ha. I just love your PHOTO above!!

  2. Well, Iam certainly ready for it to slow down! But how nice to be able to stay in bed just a little bit longer...