Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mom And Her Vick's

I don't know how it got here.
All I know is it came.
It came to the stores, the houses, the places of employment, its in the air, on the door knob's and toilet handles.
The dishes are being scrubbed down with Clorox.
Honey has busted out his industrial size hand sanitizer.
Vitamins are religiously taken.
Chicken soup was even made. The really good homemade kind, it was.
Window's are opened for a while each afternoon to help get stagnant air out and clean fresh air in.
Still this cold, that I am not going to get, is hanging on in all its various stages of misery around here.

When I was little, my Mom used to do the most horrible thing to us kids when we got sick.

Well, I thought it was not nice.

She would dig out a big safety pin, a long white sock, and that bottomless tub of Vick's she managed to purchase down at Hamilton's Drug store.
She would slather it all over us!!!
Chest, back, put on an undershirt and p.j.'s,
Next came the neck, that's where the warmed up sock was wrapped around, not to tight, and pinned.

Then horrors of horror's!!

A big dollop of the stinky goo was slapped on the bottom's of our feet!!
Smeared around, while strict instructions were given for us to put on our sock's, lay down and read a book.

There we would lay, with our shirts stuck to us, the sock making us feel like we were in a gummy neck brace. Feet encased in clinging sock's.
Vick's vapor's so heavy in the air it made your eye's water.

This was repeated as often as she deemed necessary.

It was icky, sticky, and stinky!!

I sore so many times that I would never do that to my kids, when I was a Mom.

Turns out I lied.
I did do that to my kids.
Every time they caught a cold.
They hated it as much as I did.

So this cold.
The one I am not getting?
I'm hearing my mom's voice in my head, telling me to, "Buck up and break out the Vick's..."

But I'm not gonna like it.
Well the reading a book part I will :)

Thank Heaven's it was a mustard plaster!!!

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