Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thinking and Looking

You know, I've been pondering of late.
Thinking quit deeply.
Ruminating and reflecting.
About many of the experiences I've had throughout my life, as well as some of the experiences others have shared with me.
And do you know what?
Sometimes life sucks.
But here's the kicker...
While life can be mentally, emotionally and physically draining...
It can be interlaced with beauty, but sometimes we need to look for it harder than other times.
Like this peach tree for instance...

It's fruit came later this year due to a cooler climate than normal for this area.
So while this little tree has had more of a struggle to produce it's fruit, or accomplish the things it is meant to do to feel productive, the climate has not slowed the growth of the weeds and tall grasses that have overtaken the ground, sapping some of the tree's needed resources. No sir-e bob, they have been thriving.
Never once noticing the struggle of the peach tree as it carries on day in and day out.
An interesting thing to notice about the little tree though...look there, nestled against its base, spreading both upward around the tree, as well as out into the tall grasses, creating a bit of a water shed effect with it's lush thickness, is a flower.
A purple petunia.

As I noticed the quiet little flower there I began to look around at the surrounding trees in the orchard and noticed that, each tree had a flower at its base.
I asked the proprietor about this to which she replied, "I just thought that if a little flower could help make me happy, it could help make my orchard happy too."

This tied in with the things I have been contemplating of late.
Sharing the good things and the bad things.
Sharing the joys, laughter, and smiles. But also sharing the tears, fears, weights, and hard parts of life.
Sharing can be a seemingly un-noticed flower at our feet bringing us the possibility of finding beauty, even in the hardest parts of life.

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