Thursday, October 20, 2011

Kids, Kitty"s & Colds

Almost everyone at our house is in different stages of colds. I say almost, because so far (knock on wood) I'm doing good.
Colds in noses, colds in chest's, colds in the kitchen where they spread easier. So Its break out the Clorox to wipe counter's, door knobs and chairs time of year.

I am a believer in Echinacea, I have taken it every school season for years and I have been lucky enough to not get sick often, and if I do, it doesn't hit hard or last long.
Years ago a nurse told me that if you start taking it just before cold and flu season, stop a week before Christmas break, then start taking it again at least 5 days before you go back to school. I tried it, I pass it on to you.

Kids and kitty's. Kitty's and kids.
They have so much energy!
I often wish I could have just a little of the energy they have. But would it make me more worn out?

Playing together yesterday under the pine tree's was a great way to spend an autumn morning.
She wanted to bring the little black and white guy home with her, but alas... Old cat's are not always nice to kitty's, and we have an OLD ornery cat that lives at our house.
I know. Because when we got home she followed Tiny Dancer's every footstep into the house, smelling and sniffing. Later when we went out back to play? Old and ornery Pooka would not even look in Tiny Dancer's direction. She would not speak to her, and I believe, she may have even  given a raspberry in her general direction when her back was turned.

Maybe today she will be forgiven?

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