Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Photographs and Memories

I stopped by my sister's house the other day.

We sister's do that quite often,
go visit each other...
We talk to each other almost every day
in some form or other.
On most week ends
if we aren't out taking pictures or BBQ-ing
we are in the middle of a three way phone conversation
while we clean house...

Been a generally close bunch all our lives.
It's nice.

So while I was visiting Aunt B,
she had unearthed some pictures from the long ago.

Here she is powering the homemade wooden bi-plaine I was test driving flying...
We laughed again as we looked at what was in the picture.

It is full to the corners of love,
happiness, homemade ingenuity
 and proof I was once skinny and had long hair.

I looked at the group of people in the next picture
wondering who was in it
and did I know them...

I thought I recognized this one.
Being the quick person I am,
I said this one here
look's like, my daughter,
Busy Momma.
Aunt B really laughed then.
It's me standing behind her...

It was from the trip we made up the California coast 
ending in Portland before heading for home...
I've *pictured* things from that trip many times over the years.I was so excited to see this picture of the first time she played in the Ocean-

I may not be a world traveler,
but now I have photographic evidence
I've piloted a Bi-plane
and  played in the Ocean.

Take your camera's with you,(and use them)
because few things bring back a memory
like a picture...

Smile and remember;
We're fool's whether we dance or not. So we might as well dance.

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  1. I remember the little airplanes!! I remember getting to big for the little airplanes and how hard it was to get your knees out from the wings. OOOHHHH the scraping of the shins. We need to see more old pictures like these. They're fabulous!