Friday, February 19, 2010

The Imp # 2

So as I was saying in the last blog...
We needed to make a shopping sale run over the mountain and back, trying to make the trip as uneventful as possible, and we were doing it!

As we made our way back through the canyon, talking and singing silly songs, Tiny Dancer had a pen and paper so she could draw wonderful things as we went.....horses...cows...spiders?

Or so I thought.

The idea of making a quick stop then go for french fries had been confirmed...Selecting a parking spot and shutting off the car I was able finally to turn all the way around to see her...

Several things went through my mind in rapid sucession;
What were her Mom and Dad going to say when they saw her?!
Was that going to come off, or be there until it wore off?
Why, had I given her a pen?! (Because I didn't have a pencil in the car is why).

I started to laugh, then she started to laugh, I told her it was a good idea to use the paper next time and the store would have to be at a different we went for fries...once home and able to get some photographic evidence for her parents before it was lost to soap and water...

Well, here is some of  the art work of a little Imp...

Two baby wipes and it was virtually gone...

p. s.  I now have a few chunky crayon's in the glove box. 

Smile and remember;
We're fool's whether we dance or not. So we might as well dance.

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  1. Gorgeous!!! Atta girl !!! She cracks me up and I'm so glad that she has the mommy she does.