Monday, February 15, 2010

Day Trip

I don't care to drive on  snowy roads.

When it's snowing and generally crapy weather I like to stick close to my own sleepy little town.  This tends to cause bewildering cases of "Cabin fever" to set in long before now. The T.V. weather man used to say, "if you really want to know what the weather is doing, look out your window.

With Spring bringing a verity of unpredictable weather patterns from day to day I am thrilled to be getting out more on the better day's...And seeing as how this was a three day week end for me, with some really nice day's I was able to grab my camera heading out into the world without a care.

My travels took me South and with errand's finished took a 'drive about' on the way home. And I soon found this little gem...

The present owner grew up in this house, as did her mother before her.  Her mother turned it into this lovely little shop and kept it for years. I remember it was about this time of year that my sister's first introduced this lovely little shop to me a lot of years ago. The lively little woman was so sweet and gave us a tour of the shop and told us all about how she had grown up in the house, as well as about her parent's. She told how she loved when her father would take them out and show them the 'man in the mountain', who can only be seen when there's snow on his face.
We four bundled and trudled out as she showed us what her father had shown her seventy some-odd  year's before.

Next I went to find other places I wanted to visit and soon found some of the roads were closed for work,  I took a street I hadn't been on for many years and this is what I found;

Next, I thought since I couldn't get out to take many picture's with it raining so much I may as well head home, but first I should have a scoop of ice cream! And were better to go than Farr's?!
This is the angle I remember having when I first descovered the many flavor's they had, and if I stood tippy toe and used my finger's to pull me up just right, I could just peek over into the glass for a view.   (they have even more now!)
  My favorite then was alway's the daring vanilla, now... it's pralines and cream I changes each time I go in...

Errand's run, sites visited, ice cream in hand, I headed for home and on the way these sign's caught my eye and got me thinking I'd best get a jump on Spring Cleaning so I could get out in the yard once the drizzle dries up.

It was a fun day trip.

Smile and remember;
We're fool's whether we dance or not. So we might as well dance.

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