Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Imp

I had three day's to make it to the sale.

I wasn't happy about going, partly because I don't like sales that I know are...well...crazy. I'm not big on crowd's, especially those involved with people intent on getting the deal. Shopping and especially shopping sales are like a hunt in many ways, and either you are the hunter, hunted or the sight seer.

I like to be the sight seer thank you.

Then too, the  canyon lay betwixt me and the crazy sale.

But Honey had carefully marked, and remarked the things he really wanted, and went over the ad with me to make sure I understood what it was he wanted. And the cloud's looked high enough to clear off and let the sun through at any given moment.

So my plan was to go early, get in , get out, get home.

Tiny Dancer and I loaded into the car and off we went, on the second day of the sale, into what looked like a day that had every intention of following the plan...

Then we reached the top and found this lovely land of fog...
We should have been seeing "Sherwood Hills' and "Dry Lake from here.

Hope was restored as we rounded the last turn and came out of the canyon on the other side and saw the sun just starting its morning peek into the valley.

We reached our destination half an hour after they opened and found a few open parking spots. Pulling into a spot by the creek and hurring inside I was delighted to find it wasn't bad at all. Tiny Dancer found it was full of  'ree coo' stuff.
A very kind employee helped me find the carefully marked items on the list and we were back on the road to adventure in less than 30 minutes!

And being less hurried we took the opportunity to stop and look, especially at the local animal's...

That being done, back through the canyon we headed...With pictures being drawn and conversation and singing filling the time...the fog was indeed  burning off and blue sky was peeking through.
As we got back to our little town thoughts were turning to easier shopping needs and we stopped make one more quick stop before going home...But after seeing the art work that addorned Tiny Dancer I thought it best to skip an inside visit...

To be continued.....

Smile and remember;
We're fool's whether we dance or not. So we might as well dance.

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