Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Missing Mom and Dad

This is my Mom and Dad
when they were young and had 7 kids
running around like a bunch of 'Hon-yocks'...
I sort of remember them looking like that...
You see,
I'm the "ca-boose".

I remember Walking and talking with Daddy a lot-
looking at the stars-
sneaking to the kitchen at 3 in the morning
where he was sitting on a stool, mostly in the dark, drinking coffee 
on the pretense of getting a drink or going to the bathroom,
when really it was just to give him a hug or hang out with him...

He got sick-it was his heart...(Aorta really)
we three younger kids were snuck into the old McKay Hospital
under our Aunt's and Uncle's coats-
I asked him if he was going to die...
He told me, "I talked to God,
and he said I can stay until you don't need me anymore".
I was good with that-I'd always need my Dad.

This is how I remember my Dad...
He passed away a few month's after this picture was taken...
January 31, 1973.

I remember Momma coming to the park one evening
to collect me at dinner time,
I had my bike there and she picked it up and walked it across the street then jumped on it and up the sidewalk she went-wobbly at first-
Daddy was just a cheering and laughing-
He said it was the first time she had ever ridden a bike.

Momma was 80 when this picture was taken-
This is how I remember her mostly...
The U.S. Marine Corps Marching Band were in town
and just happened to be hanging out at my Sister's house...
They all gathered on the front lawn and sang happy Birthday to her...
Made her giddy as a school girl.
She passed a littl over five years after this picture was taken...
January 30, 2005

They were both laid to rest on February 3rd-
32 years apart...

I still think, ' I need to call Mom and tell her about ...'
or 'I need to call Mom and ask her how to...'
and I still wake up at 3 in the morning and listen for Daddy...

Smile and remember;
We're fool's whether we dance or not. So we might as well dance. 

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