Sunday, January 31, 2010

Out and Away...

I have been needing a day 'out and away' and the sun has been shining,
I thought I'd take a drive about and loaded my trusty camera's in anticipation...
Then woke to find this resting low on the mountains out side my window.
As is part of my a.m. routine
(routines are great except when they become ruts by the way).
So I checked out facebook and there was my encouragement!
An invitation -hard to pass up-' The Barn'-
and company on the treck!

The sun was coming up and bringing new possibilities with it!
After gathering camera's, refreshments, and an un-knowing accomplice...
out we trapsed for a day of new adventures!!

We topped the mountain and the sky's were beautiful the snow sparkling, the mood light...
Then we started the decent into 'The Valley'...where we have seen it so foggy at times, that you could drive past your own driveway and not know it for a few houses!
Hore frost was blanketing everything!
The fog must have been as thick as pea soup!!

We had to do first things first;
It was rough, but  we forced ourselves to venture into the book store-and emerged victorious-with book's bulging the confines of our bags.  Next the dreaded outlet for necessities...
Then we were off!!

"The Barn" awaited!
My back seat driving abilities were honed as we headed out.
( I have very patient Sister's did I mention that?!)
In spite of my help, we made it to our destination in tact.
and it was a barn to set an emagination fast at work!

 The first thing we noticed were the windows!!

As Country Momma filled us in on its  history
she told us of a barn owl that found the top window a comfortable spot to rest
and servey it's surroundings.
She has told me of how a fire once took its tole,
 and how a Grandpa repaired and rebuilt it...

Being the 'investigator' I am...
I couldn't stay out at the road and not at least peek in the windows!

So, off I set over the pilings and through the tracks to the family barn I went...
Nana couldn't resist, and wasn't far behind...
(Isn't it cool?!)
After trapsing this far,
 I kept going...through knee deep snow,
trying not to fall over while we were laughing.
When I came across...

Critter tracks!
(Hummm, so that's what cats do when they fall through the snow lol)
Once to the door, in I went,
across roofing tin with a bit of ice covering it-
(I guess it sounded worrysome from Nana's point)
I saw that the inside had the same quaint touches as the outside!
I'm glad we went and can't wait to go back in the summer!!!

We next made a quick stop at this little house-a revisit spot.

Then home again, Home again, Jiggidy, Jig...
And it was good.
Check out Nana's side of the adventure here;

Smile and remember;
We're fool's whether we dance or not. So we might as well dance.

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  1. Terrific photos. Glad you got Miss Betty out and about. You're the Nice sisters.