Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Crib

I used to really enjoy going to garage sales on antiquing quests.
Then I started going less and less...
When one a fine Summer day a few years ago I saw a sign on the curb in front of an old, rickity looking, falling down house. I wanted to see what the inside looked like...So I took myself on in.
It was like stepping back in time!   I came out with none other than  ~  treasures!!!
I got some old sewing patterns that I was thrilled about. I got some old clothes pin holder dress' ~ with the clothes pins and clothes line pants hangers! A Mustang hot wheel's type car with doors, hood and trunk,
that open!
Thats right-garage saling isn't just about the girley things.

I asked if I could poke around the house  and the man told me to
 "Go right on ahead".
I found even more treasures although I was to late to get the 1960's table and chairs~
in RED...
Up the steep narrow stairs, down a narrow hall with slanted celings, into a small attic bedroom, I saw it sitting in the corner. A once loved and now forgotten...drop side doll crib.

(I remembered pictures after we got a fair start on it)
It spent a few years out on our patio, then moved to the garage...when finally I talked Honey into helping me fix it up! 
We spent New Years Eve tinkering with it in the Mr. Heatered garage.
Tiny Dancer tried to sit in it the very first thing.
It held her hulking 26-28 pounds with groaning protests.
Honey and I think we know how to solve most of the remaining troubles that plague the poor thing.
And just as the day I spotted it, I look at it and have an inner need to restore it to a loved position in the life of a child.

Even if that child is mostly hidden inside my ageing self...

Smile and Remember;
We're fool's whether we dance or not. So we might as well dance.

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