Thursday, February 11, 2010

We All Have A Story

Every person's story is different.  
Every person's story is important.  
Every person's story is interesting.

I've always loved to hear peoples stories...regardless of age.
Some of the first things I like to ask people might include:
"How did you meet your spouse?" or "Tell me what your reading!" Oh! the stories are wonderful!!! But even better is the light that radiates from them as they tell their story...

There's lots of things I like to ask people, but think my own answers are...well...mundane.

My parent's probably thought that too. But boy do I wish I had them!

I 've kept  journal's  for more than half my lifetime...A lot of the day-to-day *stuff*, thing's I have cried over, things I have laughed over, things I dream of. I've tried different style's of writing, and still do. I'm not as eloquent as some of my writing. But I don't let that stop me :) 

In the long ago, a "journal in a jar" list of items were gifted us, to pull out and write the answers to. For instance; "How much would a dime buy when you were a kid?",  "Did you know anyone that was in a war?" or maybe it would say, "Tell about your first bike.", "Draw your childhood back yard".

I started doing it, but then thought I didn't have interesting enough answer's. Besides~Who would be interested in my story?!
Then my eldest sister came with her completed story. She too had uncertainties.   In reading I got to know her a litte better (she is 16 years older than I am), I remembered stuff I hadn't thought of in years. I met Aunts, Uncle's and a Gramma I didn't get to know.

I'm glad she had the courage to tell her story, and share it!

My journal's for the most part are...composition notebook's. Then yesterday I got an idea-a brilliantly splended idea.   I took a picture of myself, taken by Auntie Nana, edited it in two completly different way's and...Viola!

Version one: 
My journal, my journey!!!

(The Red journal needs to pose for me yet.)

Smile and remember;
We're fool's whether we dance or not. So we might as well dance.

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