Thursday, September 30, 2010

Back In Business

Honey and I drove to Las Vegas to visit family.
It is about an 8 hour drive, if your going straight through.
That was our plan.
So we loaded the car, gassed up, got some snicky-snacks and off we headed, into the sunset. 
We had survived the 25 miles of road construction during rush hour traffic. Were settled in for the long drive, part of which took us into the Southern Utah fire area.
The smoke hung like a mystery to the barely visible peak's under the glowing harvest moon.
We had plans of stopping for gas and a leg stretch in St. George,
25 miles down the road...

I'm sure glad it was Honey driving, when at about 80 miles an hour in the pitch dark of mid-night in the dessert...He calmly said, "Honey, I think there's something wrong. The motor just shut off. I'm not sure what happened."
Heaven was watching over us, because he was able to coast us into a rest area, right under a light, facing the direction we would need to be...IF we needed to be towed.
A long wait to see if it would start on its' own...
Honey was sure it was the fuel pump.
Calling the number on the back of the car copy of the insurance, got us in touch with someone. Honey being an old truck driver could tell them what mile marker we were at and what exit number.
Within 10 minutes the phone rang,
help would be there in 50 minutes. 
20 minutes later the tow truck driver was pulling up behind us. 
He told us the place the insurance wanted him to take us wouldn't be open for 2 day's.
 He called them back and got it changed, to the only open shop in town on a Saturday. Drove us there and showed us to the Travel Lodge next door. 2:30 a.m. we were setting down on the bed and heaving a big ol sigh.
One of the world's kindest mechanic's, moved us to the front of his packed day's work, and had us on back in business. 
12 hours after starting on our 8 hour trip, we were on the road again.

Honey said the part was going to go out-couldn't change that.
But it also couldn't have happened at a better time or place.

Oh well.

Everyone needs a good adventure every now and again huh?! 

Smile and remember;
We're fool's whether we dance or not. So we might as well dance.
Japanese proverb

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  1. Vegas! Fun! Catching up on laundry is definitely not fun though. Hope you had a great trip!