Monday, September 6, 2010

Putting Summer To Sleep...

Labor Day week end is usually the last big Summer Whoo-Raw.
Fall is beginning to be all to noticeable,
while quietly infringing on those of us not ready to let Summer rest...
We have been feeling the changing of the season coming on for a while now, we mention it to each other, while we cling to the warm afternoon's with renewed fervor...
 with this eagerness helping you plan a few more quick, trips to the lake, just to be out there one more time...
chasing dreams or gatherin' wool.

The cornflower blue skies beckoning you to come out to spend just one more afternoon on the hammock with a book, or taking that last hike, or camping trip...
Squeezing in that garage sale you meant to have this Summer.

It may find you harvesting and preserving...
Laying up, canning, bottling and drying,
lining pantry shelves with beautiful jars of jams, fruits, and vegetables.

So while we can't stop Summer from ebbing away,
We can appreciate the changing of the leaves, 
the ripening of the pumpkins,
the awakening of some flowers,
and the sleeping of other's...
Where ever this time of year finds you...
I hope it brings you warm memories!

Smile and remember;
We're fool's whether we dance or not. So we might as well dance.


  1. Beautiful pictures, as usual. What kind of camera do you have? Have I asked you that before? And woo hoo for fall!!! (Tell that daughter of yours to get updating her blog!)

  2. Thank you!The camera's I usually pack around with me everywhere I go are both Canon. PowerShot1000 for point n click and "the baby" is the Rebel xsi...(wide angle lens is on the wish list now). Have you made apple scrapple yet? It's getting time you know :)
    I can't even get her to draw me a stick figure of me with my camera, let alone update a blog lol...I will pass it on thought ;)