Sunday, September 5, 2010

No such Thing As To Much Love...

The other day I was walking through the market, minding my own business, with my phone to my ear, when I happened to look up and see an old friend I hadn't seen in a long time...she saw me at about the same time and pointed at me and started to laugh until her face was red and tears were in her eye's...I walked around to where she was standing, in the fruit section, and gave her a big ol hug!

I told her it would be so great if I got that reaction from everyone!!
I can't even tell you how good that made me feel!!!

An old friend from the neighborhood where I grew up, gives me a big hug every time I see him, he pats me on the back and says, "Well Howdy Neighbor!".  Another, never passes me with out shaking my hand and pulling me in for a hug and a quick joke...another gives a pat on the shoulder as they pass.
One will reach out and grab hold of my hand as I pass with nary a word spoken aloud...but such love in the contact. Some time's it's just good solid eye contact that conveys such meaning...A good firm hand shake! A txt or a comment, an email or real honest to goodness snail mail you find in your may be the phone call you needed so much! Visits and laughter shared with family member's seen frequently or seldom, picking up where last you left off...Hugs from the hearts of the young and the old.

I look forward to these kinds of greetings-I revel in them, and gain so much strength from them!!

There are few things as good as a solid hug from someone who will give you one back.
An OXOX, from someone to far away, a prayer or a thought for someone you hold dear...

There is just no such thing as to much love!!

Smile and remember;
We're fool's whether we dance or not. So we might as well dance.

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