Thursday, December 2, 2010

What's Your Favorite Christmas Song?

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I found some of my favorite Christmas songs on YouTube the other night and wanted to share.

Just click on the title and it will play for you .
That is, if I did it right.

I love this version of "Mary Did You Know?"  By Kenny Rogers and Wynonna Judd.

 Burl Ives should alway's sing me something too... From the Christmas cartoon's. "Holly Jolly Christmas"

Christmas just plain doesn't feel like Christmas without Johnny Mathis' singing a tune or more, this one is awesome  "Winter Wonderland"

My daughter started liking this one when she was in band in Jr. High school and I think its a keeper. Plus I really like Celtic Women music... "Carol O f The Bell's"

Honey sings this one to me every year and it makes us laugh..."Snowflake"


My all time favorite, hands down, is "Away In A Manger"  .  I like it any time of year!  As kids, my sister and I would sing these songs to each other "Silent Night" It was our Christmas gift to each other all through the month and three times on Christmas Eve...

Happy Holiday's and Merry Christmas, May God Bless!

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  1. Christmas isn't Christmas without hearing Wendy and Carnie Wilson's "Hey Santa"! LOVE the picture of Tiny Dancer on the sidebar!!