Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Stockings

The story of our Christmas stockings, as I know it...

Most people have Christmas stockings that are red, or green, or red and green. Ours are turquoise, or Peacock blue.

Mom made them a really long time ago.

I asked here once, "Where did you get the idea for the Christmas stockings Mom?"
"From an old 'Woman's Day' or some such magazine, a long time ago. I saw a picture and changed it to be how I wanted them." she said.
"Really? What did you change?"
She thought a second or two then said, "Well the color. I didn't really like red. And the shape of the stocking, and I used Christmas card pictures cut from white felt. Sewed it on and thought, it should look a little bit 'sparkly' some how, so I added sequins and beads."

Every year they hung on the banister, between some big poinsettia spray's she had made, starting at the top and running to the bottom, from oldest to youngest. But Mom and Dad never had one.
Every year we would find an orange in the toe, and peanuts filling the rest.

Then I grew up and was the Mom. Honey didn't really have the same stocking every year, so I thought I could pass on a newish family tradition with them.  I talked to one of my Sister's and she gave me a pattern she had used for her husbands was a reindeer... I used it on Honey's, I cut and embroidered and sewed on lots of beads and sequins... 

I made stockings for all three of our kids, and as they grew and had children, I have made stockings for two are the same and I have gotten a little braver over the years and added tassel's and a braided Camel tail to one, and a yarn main to the last one I did...saving up for the purchase of pinking shears was a must, for the edges.
A rick rack hanger has been added over time.
I still use the same old ratty piece of brown paper bag that I made the pattern from my stocking onto, and keep all the fixin's  in a shoe box sized plastic tub, with a few pieces of paper with poorly sketched pictures next to the names of who I have made them for, and have added a few ideas for others.

I love our turquoise Christmas stockings...and I smile every time I see them. I'm glad my Mom changed them to fit her personality, and I'm glad it has been a sort of tradition I can pass on to my family...

As you hang your stockings this year, I hope its with care and memories too.
May God Bless

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