Friday, December 3, 2010

Darn Those Sock's N Keep Yer Feet Warm...

My Sister knits sock's.
She taught me to knit sock's too.

I knit two pair.
The first pair was black and white striped.
One fit Honey, the other fit me.

My tension needed work.

My second pair was grey wool.
They turned out awesome!
They fit right and everything.

Honey used them for slipper's
because they make his feet pretty warm.

That's what home made sock's do I think.

My Sister gave me two pair of sock's.
I like them a lot.

I have worn them a lot.
And for a lot of years.

The thing about home made sock's is,
 that they don't wear out easy.

Plus they can be some pretty funky color's too.
That makes this eccentric gal happy.

The bad news is this...
Sometimes these sock's have a blow out...

Then it is time to darn them.
For many reason's.
Not the least of which is the time it took to make them,
the cost of the yarn.
(home made sock's ain't cheep I'm here ta tell ya).

and so I gather up my darn goodies and goes to work.

First I call my Sister,
it's nice to darn with company,
or alone, it's relaxing.

I don't have a darning 'mushroom' or 'egg',
so I use a burned out big light bulb.

Then I get my extra yarn,
darning needle and go to work.

first you go one way,
all the way across.
Then you go the opposite way,
creating a sort of a tight weave.

Here is an old darn and a new darn.
And darned if they don't look pretty darn good to me.

After they get washed they look like this...

 Then they're good for another few years!!!

I found some really good tutorial's on YouTube that were really helpful too.

Well there ya go. Hope yer feet stay warm and dry,
and May God Bless!


  1. I am pretty sure you're going to have to send me some of these! I need to learn how to knit... do you have any good patterns for crocheting slippers?

  2. Hooray for those darned homemade socks!