Monday, December 20, 2010

Holy Cow!!

Holy Cow!! It's Christmas week, and I am finally, officially, ok, almost, done with gifts and only have a few left to deliver!

Wahhh whooo!!

Now its time to stop and smell the artificial pine sent and whiff the cookie scented candles.

I had Christmas shopping and making done early a couple of years.

Not right in a row.

It was nice. no having to battle the crowds and the stores, no last minutes things to try to cram in. I had even planned well enough that I didn't even have to go to town for anything other than milk and eggs!

I didn't do that this year.

Instead I had zero ideas for gifts, when all the sudden, inspiration leaped, from the facebook pages of some of my friends and and tutorial blogs then, VIOLA!
It was my pre-Christmas miracle!

So with four day's to get into the Holiday Spirit, I'm already starting my plotting and planning for next year's Christmas. In the hope that it will be one of those elusive "Christmas done early" years.

I know!
I can put it on my News Year's list for next week!

May God bless us-everyone!

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