Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bundling Up

     It snowed last night while we were all asleep. When we woke up it was to a veritable Winter Wonderland...So after the easiest Holiday trip to the post office I have ever been blessed with, we came home to relive one of the most traditional winter experiences of getting into our snow playing attire...
     As I was teaching Tiny Dancer how to make 'Snow Angel's' and watched her running around in the knee deep, to her, snow. I got to thinking...

      When I was a kid the snow was always knee deep. I thought that the winter's must have been getting milder, when in reality I have just been getting taller. And apparently I'm really slow on  realizing that bit of information...I will leave it at that.
     Back in the day, it seemed like it took forever to get bundled up to go out in the snow.
     Warm clothes were the starts, then came the snow suits, seems like no matter how old you got you still needed help to get into the things! The lucky older kids got to wear snow pants and their coats. Lucky duck's.
     Thing is, by the time we were into the suit, had our gloves, hat, scarf and rubber boot's on...we had to go to the bathroom!
And yes. We really did look like this...

From google search

      It was a grueling task, and  this really was how it happened! but it was the price you paid to be able to go out and it was well worth it...even if we did only go out for half an hour and come back in crying because we were cold.
     It was as big a chore to get out of the stuff as it was into it!
     First you had to stand and let someone brush you off with the broom, so you wouldn't track all the snow in the house and get everything wet.
     Then you'd start to peel off at the door, sitting down to take boots off first. Then scoot a ways and take off a layer, scoot a ways and repeat the process until you were down to your clothes.
     Next came the job of laying your things out to dry. It often looked like the whole house was a carpet of wet and drying clothes.
     The best part was the warming up...a hot cup of chocolate and a lot of talking and laughing...then we'd beg to go out again.
     Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't...

     My favorite red overshoes looked like this...
From google search

      I'd tuck my pant legs into the tops of my sock's, then I'd put my shoes on, then the snowsuit and finally the fight was on to get the snow pants over the top of it all...
     It was great!!!
From google search

     We'd be bundled in so tight that the only part of us that air touched was our faces. Our mom's must have known it was time for us to come in when our cheek's and noses turned a certain shade of red.

     Mom's and Dad's were not left out of needing warm and fashionable foot wear to help preserve their shoes, and keep their feet dry...
From google search

From google search

While I really liked my little red rubber boot's...I sure like my Uggs better...

May you stay warm on all your outings and may God bless.

Thanks to google search of 'vintage overshoes' for the last 5 pictures and to youtube for the "I can't put my arm's down" scene from "The Christmas Story".

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