Friday, December 17, 2010

A Teddy Bear Christmas

Once upon a time, long ago and about a block or two away,
there lived my Grand Aunt's...
One to the North and a little bit East, the other South.

They were my Dad's Aunt's,
His Mom's sister's.
Let's call them Leona and Fern.

Aunt Leona and her sweet, quiet, bespeckled husband...Uncle Lee,
Had a Christmas Eve party every year,
It was very special.

Because we all got to play up stair's,
or in the kitchen.
If you could do that every day of the year it would not have been so special on Christmas.

Don't you think?

Aunt Leona was the 'underware Aunt'.
She worked in J.C.Penny's up town,
and later at 'Sanomoa's'.
Both in the clothing department.
So, underware.

It was a little embarrassing, but it was great too.
An Aunt who's brave enough to get you underware for Christmas and lets you run wild at her house on Christmas Eve,
 must surely love you a lot.
Plus, Aunt Leona and Uncle Lee were really funny!

You always laughed a lot when you visited them.

Aunt Fern had dimples and a twinkle in her eye all year long, her big burly husband was a quiet sort of guy too...I think.

Aunt Fern decided to make a bunch of Teddy Bear's for Christmas gifts one year...When Christmas Eve Day came,
13 Bear's were loaded into the car.
 I can only imagine the fun those two sister's had building a Teddy Bear Tree in the living room chair for the party that night.

I don't remember the year.
I don't even remember getting my Teddy Bear.
I also don't ever remember not having my Teddy Bear...
 I think mine is the quiet Bear in the front,
minding his own business...

Then again...
Maybe she is the one bowing there,
front and center.

All I know is they were each and everyone,
made with a ton of love in every stitch!
Loved well and hugged to bedragelment,
Some lost tongue's,
in the name of 'identification',

Mine survived being 'nibbled'...

Don't ask me why!
But I do remember gnawing on one of the feet...
I was a weird kid ok?!

These day's my Bear can be found,
exploring with Dora,
 trying to understand why Sponge Bob want's to make
crusty booger's,
or attending a lovely water and tea party,
hosted by a beautiful, sometimes green haired,
"Frog Princess" 
 beside other select doll's and stuffed animal's,
who are much younger.
Or maybe found sitting in a little plastic shopping cart in the corner of the toy room, arms still spread wide for hugs,
and receiving them now from my Grand kids.

Her eye's are a little more dim and scratched up,
we both are a lot older than we used ta was,
I think she is holding up better than me truth be told.

The Best of Friends
There's nothing as nice
As a new Teddy Bear.
To tickle and cuddle
And take everywhere
To share all your secrets,
Your laughter and tears
To keep by your side
Through seasons and years.
There's nothing as nice
As a new Teddy Bear...
Except for an old one
With memories to share.
~Jeannie Hand-Stuart~

May God Bless

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