Monday, October 11, 2010


Daydreaming is just like night dreaming.
Only it's not night.
And you're not asleep.
And you're not dreaming.
From Junie B. Jones.

Over the Summer I read a few blogs and book titles that all boiled down to this one thing;
"If I could do anything. Knowing I could not fail.
What would I do?"

And you know...
I've given it a fair amount of thought...
Rolled things around in my head at length...
Thought about daydreams I've entertained over the years
and have come up with a few pretty solid ideas.
Dreams I didn't know I could do...
Dreams I have wanted to do...
My dream?
Is to be the next
Cecil Beaton

I have often thought of the man at the beginning and end of the movie Pretty Woman who says...

"Every body's gotta have a dream...
Whats your dream?!"

Cecil Beton Images:

Smile and remember;
We're fool's whether we dance or not. So we might as well dance.
Japanese proverb

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