Monday, August 30, 2010

The Fence

This morning the neighbor's dog woke me up at the crack of dawn-barking and slamming into the wooden fence, that my stupid cat's think is there to protect them, as they habitually antagonize the dear, chololate colored half horse...

Those two cats will lay inches away from said fence, grooming themselves, totally ingnoring the frenzied brute on the other side. While he stops now and again to put his eye close to a slot between the boards to see if he has got them on the run...This move only get's a half hearted slap of the paw in his general dirrection. As they tell him, "Ahh..gawan!".

If they are feeling particulary antagonistic they will hop up on the top of the 6 foot fence and pretend they are the rabbit for a dog race. This move sets the fence to dancing and test's their agility.

It is a strange relationship these neighbor pets have. If they haven't had theese opportunities during some part of the day,either the cats will wait for the dog or he waits for them.

I wonder...what would happen if one of those redwood boards seperating them should give way?

My guess is that the cats had better be able to run a lot better than they tease!!

                        Honkie                               Pooka

Smile and remember;
We're all fool's whether we dance or not. So we might as well dance.

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