Sunday, December 6, 2009

This Week...

With the weather turning cold and his drive to be outside
Honey has been out in his garage.
He is getting things done that he has been very excited about!
Brother Ed and Nephew Casey
stopped on the way in from the airport to help
put some sheeting on the ceiling
then Honey spent every free minute...
out 'puttering'
And this is what he's been doing~

He also hung a very long shelf
and will soon be moving some stuff
from the 'my garage' to 'his garage'.
His dream is becoming reality
and I am so happy for him!!!
I got finished with Christmas projects during the past week
and so I took the opportunity to surf etsy
and I found this place
I have made myself these two pair of slippers
The first pair I followed the directions...

The second pair I added a second bottom
so they are a little more
cushy to walk on...
The pattern came fast!
They worked up fast!
I use them a lot!
They keep my tootsies toasty!
Next I thought I'd play with some picture taking...
What I was trying to do is...
to get the lights on the Christmas tree to look
...well like light dots
It has a name,
but I can't remember it...
I followed the Pioneer Woman instructions...
and look how fun!
Fake poinsettias with red bokah...
I can almost hear
my Mom cussing me
for not getting REAL flowers...
but they are serving their purpose.
So to quiet Mom's voice in my head I went to a live plant~
Didn't the lights turn out cool!?
When I edit this one it will look really neat!
Next post I'll show you what I mean
It might surprise you how editing can change
a hum-drum picture
to a Wow picture...
I hope :)

Smile and Remember;
We're fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance.

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