Friday, December 11, 2009

Look they like them!!!

I have mentioned that I started to knit and crochet for Christmas
in June this year.

I made hats.

I like all the hats I've made-
that is not a usual thing
for me to like the things I've made
at the time I've made them.
Sometimes you make something and you'd rather not tell anyone about it-
but not so with these.
And the most important thing about them is this:
They like them!
I made different ones for the boys,
the girls & Mom's,
the Dad's...
I have personal and photographic evidence of them being liked!
That makes me happy
very happy.
It makes them warm...silly...
and happy.

Did I mention that the littlest guy in this picture
looks so much like his Daddy
 I had to look twice-three times!

And speaking of Daddy-
He liked his hat too.
He said that it has been record breaking cold
in his neck of the woods.
He said he likes his hat a lot!

And while the hats were made for Christmas,
I gave them to most everybody early...
#1- I have a hard time keeping a secret.
#2- It is record breaking cold out there.
#3- A wrapped hat just can't keep your ears warm.

I rest my case.

Smile and Remember;

We're fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance.

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