Monday, December 14, 2009

Raggedy Ann

Raggedy Ann and Andy
have been favorites of many little girls.
I had a Raggedy Ann that I played with a lot!
My Niece T.'s mom made her a 36 inch Raggedy
when she was little and she said she loved it!
She would dance with her and wear her clothes...

One day wilst etsy window shopping I came across
a most wonderful little shop selling...
you guessed it-
Raggedy Ann and Andy doll patterns!
So I bought some...
And look how fun this one turned out!!!

She was spotted by Tiny Dancer
just before her second piggy tail was finished...
She has been pre-approved!
Twirled, piggy backed,
bear hugged, kissed,
and even watched a movie.

After Tiny Dancer took a nap
Raggedy Ann went back to the hair salon
on the kitchen counter for her finishing touches.
She is waiting for Christmas Day to come to stay.

When I was little my Mom and Dad made me a doll cradle.
Honey re-produced two of them this past Summer.
(One for our house and one for her house)
Mine had a mattress and pillow
as well as this little quilt...

Yep-you guessed it!
I went to work and got the mattress and pillow made...
And then the local Village Dry Goods had a
fat quarter sale...
I picked up lots.
And these were perfect for a certain red doll.

My corners sort of lined up really good.
Except were they didn't...

I even tried out a fancy stitch for the first time.
I've only had my machine since the early 1970's
I guess I didn't want to rush into anything...
But I am pretty happy with the results.

Between his puttering's, Honey is working on
my 'new, old' doll stuff in the garage.
I picked up a vintage
drop side doll crib
at a garage sale a couple of Summers ago
that needs some TLC.
He has started working on it for me.
So Tiny Dancer and I can play.
I guess I'd best get ta crackin' on a
Raggedy Ann of my own!

Smile and Remember;
We're fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance.

p.s. If you are interested in how I did the Santa pillow leave me a message or email me.

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