Monday, December 7, 2009

Photo Editing & Bokeh...

Bokeh is pronounced bow-kay or bow-keh,

it refers to the wonderful out-of-focus lights,

shapes and colors you find in the background of

many photos taken with a digital camera.

It is a Japanese word...

I have had a lot of fun playing with bokeh

(both saying it and trying to do it right)

since I first saw Miz Booshay's post on PW

way back when I was first starting out and

realized I want to grow up to be a famous photographer.

In my last post I showed you some pictures

I had been playing with

and told you I would show you some

before and after's and

the effects you get with editing...

I was trying to get the lights/bokeh

but didn't really have anything

to take pictures of

so I improvised...

Much better I am thinking.

This one had good bokeh

but the icky plant needed to go...

And is that...a...a...spider hanging there?!

Whewh...just a piece of cotton fluff.

This is much better I think...

Don't even ask me what I was thinking when I took this picture

I have no idea myself...

But with the beauty of great editing programs


I take pictures everyday

I see pictures everywhere

I love the way the world looks to me

now that I've seen it

through my camera's lenses.

Smile and Remember;
We're fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance.

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