Monday, December 28, 2009


This year saw a lot happen...
Most of it I can't remember~
that's why I keep a journal.
That's why I
to keep a journal.

Honey and I went for a late Summer
 visit to Grand-children out of state
We brought 3 of them home with us
for a short stay
while Really busy Momma and Tall Daddy
went to the big city
to have our 8th Grand-son.

While more recently Hard working Dad
was hurt at work
in a gold mine.
(That's the nice way to say a cave).
He is recovering from a cracked spine.
Besides his 
state next door commute
he is also working on a degree
so he can get out of mining.

Illness's have been hitting pretty hard
this last month at family member's homes.
And so we have been
staying away

Lest you think all is not well...
While lists were
and power pointed,
Santa has made all the necessary stops
and everyone was happy with their treasures.
Tiny Dancer was in awe over the whole experience
to the delight of her Mommy and Daddy
I was very happy to know
that the hats I knit and crocheted
for everyone
were well liked
(I know, because they have asked for more in different colors)
now that Honey has a Mr. Heater
he has been able to spend lots of time in his garage,
I think if it had a cot or hammock
I might not see him some day's.
Next year...
I am planning to loose some weight.
A treadmill is helping me with that.
Mark Twain

May the coming year find you
with the wind at your back
and the sun on your face.

Smile and Remember;
We're fools whether we dance or not. So we might as well dance.

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