Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Tree's and Memories...

In the evenings,
after most of the world is asleep,
except me.
I often find my thoughts turned back in time.
To the times my Daddy brought in
the biggest Christmas tree's
in the world!
And after he and Grampa built
a wooden stand.
With all of us kid's under foot.
We would have to wait for it to warm up-
We kids would go to decorating-
The Christmas boxes were
And were re-discovered every year.
We used really old "depression" orniments,
Colored lights that blinked.
The part I always' liked best was
when we would stand back and
throw "ice cicles" at the tree.
It started out a little piece at a time
but alway's ended up being a big ol clump
tossed as high as we could-
laughing all the time.
Mom would come make us do a little better job,
then we would vacuume up the stray pine needles,
and she would bring an old sheet to be wrapped around the bottom.
One of my brothers,
One of my sister's
and I
would spend a lot of time
laying on the floor with all the lights out,
except the tree lights,
and watch the colors on the celing.
It was a peaceful, happy thing.

This is the Christmas tree that was in the back yard.

Those Christmas tree's of yesteryear
have been fondly remembered,
and will be for a long,
long time.
Smile and Remember;
We're fools whether we dance of not, so we might as well dance.

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