Sunday, September 4, 2011

She & Me

It's hard to picture her young.

Its hard to picture her old.

It's hard to picture her gone.

I still catch myself heading for the phone to talk to her.

To tell her a joke.

See something at the store ,"I should pick up" for her.

Today she would be 92 years old.

When she was my age, she would become a widow in 5 months. Remaining so for thirty three more years.

She was much more brave than I ever knew.

She was stronger and much smarter that I ever gave her credit for.

She gave up dreams for me.

She taught me to dream.

She was a very talented woman.

She was a broken woman.

I still learn from her every day.

I miss hugging her, and kissing her on the cheek.

Happy Birthday Momma...

Sept. 5, 1919 ~ Jan. 30, 2005

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