Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Is It Fall?

It felt like Fall came two weeks ago Thursday at 5 p.m.
The air is beginning to turn crisp, bringing along a sudden longing for the smell of baking apples, and warm bread.
Trouble is...I like the coolness inside the house with the window's open right now much better than I like the smell of warm bread.

Honey and I have begun to put things to bed until next Summer.
The time for swimming pools and kayaking is drawing to a close.
With talk of flower beds and garden's discussing the successes and failure's of each.
Isn't a zucchini plant suppose to be able to feed a small country by itself?
Not ours the past two years...Why we have been lucky to get ten off of them. And that is a sad thing as we like it deep fried, stuffed and in with other summer time meals. I am very grateful to have a sister in law who has been sharing the bounty of their garden with us.
The marigolds have been busy, the children intrigued by them, they have been very happy to help harvest the numerous seeds they bring once they dry.... 

It did feel like Fall came two weeks ago Thursday at 5 p.m., bringing with it my strong wishes for a very lengthy Indian Summer. 

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