Monday, September 19, 2011

My Dream House

What is your idea of a dream house?

Lots of people dream of a big fancy house with all the right amenities while outside there are plenty of  gardens to wander, or a cabin in the mountains with very few neighbor's a pond to fish from while the horses amble about in the adjacent pasture...

Mine would be a little different than most I think.

My dream house is a little different than the ideas of most. You see I would like a little place that could house all my crafts, with room enough for a couple of big cozy over stuffed chair's and ottoman.
I've drooled over many a plan, searched through many a picture of shed's turned to back yard sanctuary, I have racked up ideas galore, in the event that I should wake up one day and all of Honey's previous To-Do's have all turned to Ta-Da's.

While many have caught my eye, none have caught my imagination quit as firmly as has the little two room that sits at the edge of my in-laws property...

It was used by the previous owner's as a sort of drag about dog house. When ever the Mr. was in the Mrs. bad graces, he would hitch up the house to his tractor then pull this little house, that he had conveniently built on sled's, to a spot on the property, either near of far, depending on the heat coming from the big house. Then when he was out of hot water, back he would come, parking the dog house at the edge of the property for the next time it may be needed...

I freely admit that the first time I saw this little house, I was plotting ways to take it home in the back seat of my car and place it in my own back yard, near a fountain with a pond, complete with a cute little front porch built onto it with two rocking chairs for morning and evening rocking... 

Yes, my freshly painted little white Dream House would have overflowing baskets of hanging flowers along the little wrap around porch, which would be lined with an intricate lathe turned railing. Housing two big comfortable cain seated rocker's in the front, while an antique ice cream table with a couple of chairs rested along the side.
Lace curtains would be seen peeking from inside the vinegar washed windows, gently blowing in the cooling breezes allowed in through each half screened portal. The gingerbread bedecked screen door protecting from the intrusion of unwanted insect guests as much as possible.

While inside the brightly painted interior, two cozy overstuffed's would invite you to come sit near the cook stove where the hot cocoa and fresh bread await us in winter, or in summer to hold our iced glasses of homemade lemonade, sandwiches and patterns, while putting our feet up to do handiwork, sketching and chatting.
Across the room would be a quilt recently 'put on', waiting for the 'girl's' to gather for a good old fashioned 'Bee' later on...
Through the door you would find three wall's lined floor to ceiling, with shelves of fabric, yarn's, painting supplies and book's. A cutting/painting table in the middle would make room for idea's to run as wild as imagination could allow. In a closet turned sewing area, side by side my treadle and the Brother, would comfortably sit waiting for the next project to begin.  

My dream house could hold one, two, or more, at any given time.
Gossip would be left off the front porch steps, only talk of validation, support and dreams would be heard in the conversations buzz.

That would be my dream house, nestled in the back yard, next to the fountain with the pond...


  1. Oooh, I love it already! What a terrific dream Missy, hope it comes true for you one day.

    You should write a book, you're an amazing writer!

  2. Thank you for the encouragement Sabrina :)

  3. Right now, I'd just love a house with a backyard! Dreamin big here!