Monday, September 5, 2011


Fall is in the air.
It came on Thursday night last week, and hasn't left yet, so I think its here to stay.
Also this having been Labor Day Week End, it was that last big chance to go do something, thus bringing an end to the Summer.

Honey and I went along with some of the other *minions successfully doing a few end of season things. On the drive back to reality we were discussing, 'lasts'.

If you knew something would be a 'last', would you enjoy it more? Would you *relish it more in the doing?
Would we just assume it will always be the same, thus not paying it any attention?

Would you notice more of the detail's? 
Would you be more attentive?
Search out the hidden treasures in the experience?
The sounds, smells, and feelings?

It got me to wondering, about life in general, as well as in some specifics.

Do I remember the last cartwheel I turned? The last time I played on a slip n slide? The last time I rode my bike backwards? (It took me all one summer to master that little trick!) The last time I walked on stilts, or jumped on a pogo stick? Hiked up to the mine?
If this were my last time kayaking, would it have been something I would remember.
It was at least, 36 years, since the last time I was at the lake where we went kayaking on Sunday.
We had gone boating with some high school friends, the driver of the boat, was the driver because it was his dad's boat. He took one quick trip around to see who was on the water and to see where water skiing could be done. Coming back in to fast, turning to sharp, the boat was out of the water flying to its stop on the wooden dock sideways,  the group of temporary inhabitants having dove haphazardly into the water from all angles.
The driver jumped out putting his hands on his hips in Peter Pan fashion throwing back his head to laugh, yelling out, "You should have seen your faces! You looked so funny jumping!".  The boat lost its rudder in the process, but not being *deterred by such insignificant things (cough, cough), the boat was pushed back into the water, away he went for another test run before we started to ski.
Honey felt so bad, he had lost his little kissing couple we had gotten for each of us at Logan's Run. *sigh* Young love. 
That was a memorable day indeed.

But this time, if I never go back, will I have had a sufficiently good time? Did I enjoy it to the fullest?

I have been pondering these, and other things for quite some time now.


It has changed the way I look at things, the way I interact with people, the way I treat myself...

Because like the song says, "We may never pass this way again"...

Minions = a servile follower or subordinate of a person in power. A favored or highly regarded person.
Relish =  pleasurable appreciation of anything;
Deterred = to discourage or restrain from acting or proceeding:

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  1. Good to think about. I try and remind myself of that when the kids climb into bed with us or need extra cuddling. When will the last time that they throw their arms around my neck and give me a big sloppy kiss on the mouth? I think life would be a lot different if we knew when the lasts were.