Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Do What You Can...Even The Angel's Can Do No More...

Do you ever feel like you are going as fast as you can, doing as much as you can, and not getting anyplace?

Sometimes it seems like the hurrier I go the behinder I get.
It gets discouraging. But I have learned to persevere. Which in itself is a pretty big job sometimes. 
I plod along, reminding myself often that 'most household jobs only take five to fifteen minutes to complete'.
I'm not sure I fully believe that, it must have been calculated in a clean house, with no spouses, children or pets factored into the equation.

But in all fairness, I have taken to timing myself doing things, and am surprised that, indeed, when I am able to complete my self appointed projects, uninterrupted, they indeed take five to fifteen minutes.
Trouble is...
Once I complete one job, moving onto the next, somehow... And I'm not pointing any finger's, because it's usually the 'no-body's' running ramped again...I can do that same five minute job, seventeen times a day, and at the simply can't tell.

I remember well the day Honey came through the door at the end of his work day, tired and exasperated, he climbed wearily to the top of the landing, where he chose this day, and this time to survey the house with a loud, reproachful declaration of, "What have you been doing all day?! This house looks just like it did when I left this morning!!"
Today had been a pretty good day.
I didn't crumble into a heap of blubbering tears. Neither did I scramble for reason's, excuses or vindication.
Indeed this had been a good day.
Responding instead with pride oozing from my voice along with a big smile, "Really?! You think so?! It doesn't look worse? You think it really looks the same? That means I did a really good job today! I am so glad you didn't miss it."
Obviously taken aback he just stood there looking at me like I had lost one of my few remaining marbles, swallowed twice, flexed the muscle in his jaw once, then quietly responded with, "What, are you talking about?"

I was quick to list all the things I had done that day. Complete with who's help...Was pleased as punch to let him know that besides being able to maintain the present level of tornado touch downs in a household of young children, I had also managed to bake my very first loaves of bread that didn't weigh in at a ton a piece.
I know right?!
I had dinner ready to come out of the oven in five minutes.

I'm sure he was thinking I really had lost my allotment of marbles. But it did cause him to look at the things I had done.
As the kids swarmed in from the yard in an air of fresh blown country bug gathering, skateboarding boo-boos, bike crashes and near starvation for the seventieth time that day, it was noticed that all were healthy, happy, and wearing clean-ish clothes.

Honey didn't have to try to hard to picture the was playing out before his eye's.

We have talked about that day often through out the years. We both learned a lot of lesson's from it, still are for that matter.

I have a feeling today might be one of those day's where we hug each other at the end of the day and whisper to each other...
"I really did do a good job today. I am sorry you missed it."

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