Thursday, February 17, 2011

To Panic Or Not To Panic...

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It's not really a question. It's more of, it's more like a...Well lets just say if you haven't had the pleasure of experiencing one, it's as hard to a flavor or sent, to someone who has never experienced it. It just isn't easy.

Let me try...I know what they feel like.
Unfortunately we are often on intimate speaking terms...I can usually tell when they are coming on~sort of like one of my migraines~That's when I try to kick into self protection mode.

I need to make it clear here, that I'm only talking about Panic at this time, not 'fight or flight'...that's a whole other ball game. clear people or things out of your way when your just trying to get the heck outta Dodge, and head straight for your 'safe place'? You seem to have the strength of ten Grinch's, plus two!!!

Deep breath. Let it out slow...sorry. 

Back to panic...
I remind myself to breathe~Carefully working to undo the intricate origami I seem to try to fold myself into around my heart~breathe~in through the nose, out through the mouth...that's it...

And did I mention breathe?

It is very important.

I tend to hold my breathe, a lot, when panic or anxiety are lurking about the wee hours of the morning and slipping into the day light hours.

I'm lucky, mine is not usually the bratty kind of panic that needs medication to tame. Although...I do know that one intimately as well.

These days my panic is more along these lines...

Panic attack, I thought I got rid of you once and for all~
A lesson to teach?
A lesson to learn?
No thank you please, to all that lesson talk above.
What's that you say?
No choice?
Let me center!
No fair! Your hitting below the belt again!
What's that you say? I can't seem to understand you... 
Stop laughing so I can hear you...please...!
'Your lesson, is to learn to center, while in the blur of panic.' I hear whispered on the still air...that suddenly is trying to  heavily crush me from all sides.
Then again from the quiet place I hear "Let go, and trust me, we can do it, together."
OK~sure. I can do that.
It sounds easy enough...
Where did the floor go!?!?

I do have to admit that panic has an uncanny way of forcing me to look closely at what is going on in my life, change what I can, see what I can't, and get a grip on the difference.

For more information about anxiety
and panic attack as explained "by the book" , this one does a pretty good job of it.

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