Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Decoy's and Dragon's

Decoy ~ -noun: Bait or trap, anything used as a lure.

     If a decoy* is used to lure something into danger, then it only stands to reason, that there is something or someone who is using these decoy's to do the luring...I'm looking for Dragon decoy's.

     Because I have a few unruly dragons that have been lurking around that I would like to slay.

     What sort of dragons could possibly be lurking around my world?
You might be surprised! And yet again to know that they just keep coming...big, little, fire breathing, flyer's, creepers, crawlers...a wide verity really, they usually tend to raise their heads when I least expect them.
Tricky buggers anyway!

     They come in the form of worry, fear, tiredness, regret, what ifs, loss of loved ones, dream get the idea, because I'm guessing you have a few dragon's of your own, filling the skies in the kingdoms where you live, work and try to sleep too.

     So I was thinking I could use a dragon decoy and trap them all and clear them out of my Provence for at least a week or two.
Is there a store? Maybe on line? Surely someone on etsy has a shop that sells them. I hope they aren't to expensive-

Maybe I could make my own.

Sure I could, I'm resourceful!

But then where would I put such a thing, really?

     Certainly not out in the yard! Why, people would drive by and see I'm having dragon problems and want to come charging to my aide, thinking they know best how to sleigh them for me, not knowing what they are really looking for, that brings it's own air of mayhem to the arena. Or, stand around and gawk, waiting for the carnage. And worst yet, you know, there would always be the ones to run off spreading the dragon alert from a blow horn or facebook, with morbid glee.

So the yard decoy is out.

     Upon further reflection, a dragon doesn't need a decoy~they just come as they why go looking for trouble?!
I guess instead I'll have to resort to strengthening my waning* stores of fortitude*

Hello self~help library!

     I have slain a fair share of dragon's in my life time, only supposing there will be some who resurrect much like the fabled Phoenix, and they may bring friend's, you just never know. I have a strong hunch that there will be bigger, newer dragon strains evolving, that will come to test my aging mettle*.

     I'm armed with the fact that I have been the conquering heroine* in the past, I know where to go for support, those trusted few on my dragon sleighing team, I know where to go for the necessary training and weaponry*...

     I think it's safe to say I'll leave the decoys to the duck and goose hunter's and go enjoy my clear skies...while I can.

Hope all is well in your corner of the Kingdom!

Fortitude ~ –noun: mental and emotional strength in facing difficulty, adversity, danger, or temptation courageously.

Waning ~ –verb: to decrease in strength, intensity, etc.
 Mettle ~ –noun: courage and fortitude, disposition or temperament.

Heroine ~ --noun: a woman of distinguished courage or ability, admired for her brave deeds and noble qualities.

Weaponry ~ --noun:  weapons or weaponlike instruments collectively.

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  1. Wow! Look at all those hits! I may be hasty, but it looks like you may be going places. Congratulations on many jobs well done.