Monday, February 14, 2011

The Gift I'm Giving Myself

So this past weekend I got the bright idea to try something new. Something I haven't really done seriously before, and like any good mother I drug a couple of family members along with me on this adventure! (With plans to get a few more in on it a.s.a.p.)
And an adventure it is proving to be!
A fun, wonderful, expressive adventure...

I have used these sort of things since I was four years old and my mom started teaching me I could do things with them...

I have done a lot of ceramic's, because that was one of the things she loved doing. Through the years I have ventured in that direction, dragging my family along with me, in the hopes that they might find a way to express themselves.
They are all very artistic, it's just that some of us don't trust ourselves with it yet.
Mom also did beautiful drawing and painting, she was a very gifted woman in many aspects.

When I was a lot younger, I did a drawing, pencil sketch actually, in my youthful exuberance I thought I had done a pretty good job with it, and so, I showed it to my youngest older brother, who has amazing skill's of his own. I was so proud as I showed it to him, not knowing that he wasn't in a good place to give critique or validation to anyone. As I tore up the picture and cried into my pillow, I unknowingly allowed a thought to wedge itself firmly into my mind and unfortunately believed for many years.

But this year.

Because it is The Year Of The Dreamer.

And I am finding that old ideas and memories have been controlling me long enough, I took the paint brushes firmly in hand, and promptly set them aside and dove in!! Don't feel bad for the paint brushes, they are being used, just not like I have ever used them before...

And it is fun!!!

Here is a peek at what I started...

When the old memories sound track starts blaring in my mind, I stop them short by allowing myself to feel them, then excuse them so I can make new ones...because I can! 

And so can you!!

What gift of love can you give yourself for Valentine's Day?

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