Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lessons From The Honey Bees

I have noticed a lot of bee hives around this year. They are probably always's just that this year I'm noticing them more often I guess.

Also I am noticing more honey bee's around our yard.
Why just the other day Poppy, Tiny Dancer and I, noticed two very different little honey bee's.

The first was just sort of a dusty brown, quite motionless, sitting on the driveway. It seemed to just be waiting for the weather to clear bringing a ray of warm sunshine, or, the little honey bee angels to come escort him home...the later is sadly what happened. A very lovely honey bee funeral was hastily planned and carried out before tiny tears threatened to wash him away.

In contrast to this bee the next bee spotted by Tiny Dancer's exceptional eye was sitting on the bottom rung of a lawn chair, it's colors vibrant, and yet we noticed that this bee too was moving rather slowly.  Upon closer inspection it was noted that this bee was carrying precious cargo.
He rested a while then he began to prepare to resume his trip home.
You could almost hear him take a few deep breath's as he moved into position, a tiny prayer and off he zig-zagged on his little way.

I thought it interesting that both bee's were ok with where they were when they were there.
I noticed also that although the second bee was heavily weighted down with *the stuff of life* he was still able to fly.
True. It wasn't the most beautiful flight.
True. He did need to stop often to gather strength.
True. His load was heavy and the distance to the end was not in sight...
But also true. He didn't give up or give in to the wonderfully heavy pollen slowing his progress.

I hope that I am like the little honey bee's, calm in the face of adversity and still able to fly with my heavy loads of the stuff of life...

Smile and remember;
We're fool's whether we dance or not. So we might as well dance.

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