Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Inspiration 2: Friends

Who isn't inspired by friends?!
While I am inspired by many, I have pictures of few, and am inspired by all!

Old friends, new friends, young friends, antique friends, live friends and friends who have passed.
I dare say I am also inspired by friends I haven't even met yet!

A few of my inspirational friends are;

Terri, who has inspired me in numerous ways since our children were young and we were over the fence neighbor's on Sugar Lane. We raised children, garden's and pets. We would go for walks and raid ditch banks for flowers and talk...

Together with Wendy, they taught me to Tole paint, play Bunco, and we would make homemade gifts for each other. Most of my Christmas decorations were made by these two!  

Among new friends who inspire me are, Beautiful Jules...
Who is my Sister's, Sister-in-law...
I am priviledged to be getting aquainted with!
She is an amazing person and Artist!!
From her paintings and incouragement I am my finding courage to try my hand at water color painting and I know she will be thrilled that I tried!

Her daughter Krisit is as delightful as others in their family I have had the privledge of knowing and meeting!
Kristi adds to her busy life, Author, Photographer, Speaker, and most recently Interpreter.
She incourages me to learn to Croyez en moi (Crayen-moo-wa) believe in myself, as well as to learn French! Here  

Lana, is a woman of distinguished courage and ability, admired for her brave deeds and noble qualities as well as an inspiration to all who know her!!!

Yvonne was my Sister's, friends, Mother.
Our neighbor's across the street while growning up. In later life we became good friends-the oldest from the neighborhood and the Youngest. She adopted me after her friend, my Mother passed away. She incouraged me then as well as now!
I learned much more than I know from her!

A friend I haven't met-though I find incourages me every time I read her book or peruse her blog is a young woman named Kelly Rae Roberts...
She can be found here;

Together,  these, and all the beautiful, spirited friends I am blessed with, incourage me in my life and creative pursuits!!!

Smile and remember;
We're fool's whether we dance or not. So we might as well dance.


  1. You keep some exceptionally fine company, don't you?

  2. Chère Missy, thank you for including us in your inspiring and thoughtful post (makes me want to run out and stand on the corner with a sign post "looking for more friends!"

    I love what you say here:
    "I dare say I am also inspired by friends I haven't even met yet! "

    Merci, merci, and merci encore -- for you are also our creative friend, who inspires us galore!

    With hugs, always, to my dear Aunt Betty. I know you are close enough to deliver them.