Sunday, May 9, 2010

Inspiration 3: Family

Probably the most inspirational people you can be with are the people of your family.

The family you were born into, married into, become the parents of, the In-Law's of and the Grandparents to.

As I have gotten more mature... (I really didn't want to use the word older there!)  I have realized that I have had the opportunity during my life be inspired by and become friends with siblings who were married or hippie's when I was still roller skate champ of the block.  One of whom just got me involved with a photography club and one of whom I have turned to a Ga-Zillion-Ten times and counting...whom made it possible for me to meet the family of my amazing Husband...Who, has inspired and supported me for the biggest part of my life in way's to lenghty to list!
Our children, daughter's and son in law, as well as grandchildren and other's, have been and continue to be amazing examples and inspiration !!! They incourage and introduce me to new things to learn ~ often without even knowing how much they inspire me...the short list includes but isn't limited to; perseverance and tenacity, continuing education, following dreams of art's, dance, inginuity, not to mention modern technology...

Once again, I also have to recognize family member's that I have never met in this life, or who have passed during my lifetime...their lessons, lives and love continue to teach and inspire me!!
Aunt Leona for her quirky, real people way's. She didn't have an easy life at all and yet she had the most amazing love of life. Grampa Leo's whole life has a growing impact on inspiring my life...He either hunted it, caught it, grew it and then made it-he used it up, wore it out, made it do, or did without.

Every family member touches my life in some way and I am blessed in some way by each.

Smile and remember;
We're all fool's whether we dance or not. So we might as well dance.

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