Sunday, November 1, 2009


Not the kind you do trick's with...
My mom tried to teach me to 'walk the dog', 'rock the cradle' and my favorite to watch her do was to do 'around the world'!
I blame the length of my short little arms at the time
for not being able to do the trick's.
So you need to know I'm talking about the fabric kind of yo-yo's.
Like they used to make those scary clown dolls out of that sat on the beds?
Did you ever see them?
I remember one of the neighbor's had one of them and it was...
S-c-a-r-y ~ sCaRY!
Trust me on this.
Any way, Saturday I happened to venture into my favorite little 'Dry Good's" store,
to just browse around and see what's new and to see if they happened to have some size 10 double pointed knitting needles.
No knitting needles that size but - bless my soul!
They had a yo-yo maker.
At first I thought that was sort of a dumb idea-after all how hard is it to cut out a circle and sew around it right?!
So I bought the thing.
I have noticed that Yo-Yo's are being used for some fun things and that they are really quite cute,
so I thought I'd give them another chance.
Last night I was needing to be up just a little later than I usually am so I took the opportunity to make a few of them...
I really liked how fast and consistently they worked up...
with said yo-yo maker.
I only got two of them really finished with the button center...
I even tried to get a little fancy with one...

And Then I safety pined it to the bag I recently made...
I liked it.
I have seen them on quilts, and jacket's.
On hat's, book bags and yes even clothing.
So it looks like I will be playing with yo-yo's again...
Oh! And I found this site to help you make them;
(there isn't a picture at the first, but if you go to the bottom and click on 'enter gallery' it takes you into the tutorial)

Smile and Remember;
We're fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance.

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