Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Good Ol Days

When I was three~
I know, because I got it for my Birthday..
I was given a book~
I loved that book~
I learned to read it that very day!
Mom was really surprised!
I also learned to write my name that day.
Granted the S's were backwards~
I thought that book was Great!
I have looked for that book on
rare children's book sites
You name it~and I've looked there.
The book was one of these:
But not this one.
Mine was
"Patrick and The Fuzzy Duckling"
I read it so many times that I can still see the cover of the book~
the pictures,
the feel of the duck...
I would really like to get one of them
Another book I loved as a child
was given to me by
Gramma Fronk.
this is one of the pictures that was in that book~
I thought it was amazing they could find cats that dressed up!
(mine didn't particularly care for it)

I also had a "Raggedy Ann"
I think we had an "Andy" too
but I'm not sure.
Her hair was just on the top and sides of her head
button eyes
and a heart.
she also had something on her bottom!
right side~
but I don't remember what it was...
was that where the heart and her name were?
can't remember.
Andy way...
I never even knew there was a camel with wrinkled knees!
I found this on ebay...
It wasn't 35 cents there.
I remember when most of the kids were little...
before my girl was born yet...
We sisters found a pattern similar to this one;
they didn't make the little one.
They didn't even make the middle size one.
They made the big ones!
They were as tall as the kids!
I was talking to one of my sisters about them not to long ago,
and she laughed and said she thinks she still has the doll~
She didn't sew hers and thinks its still just in the cut out fabric stage.
She mentioned something about not even wanting to finish it...
I bought a pattern this past Summer,
thinking I'd make an "Ann & Andy" for my house...
with the two sides like the old ones.
Speaking of "old Ones"
Wanna see what my mother-in-law gave me this year too?!
That's Honey's first and second grade class picture~
Its the first AND the second grade
in this picture.
Can you guess who my little dessert rat is?
He told me about all the doors being a different color-
First and second was orange.
Third and fourth was a color,
Fifth and sixth...
I remember he said one of the doors was blue...
He grew up going to work with his Dad a lot...
On the tractor and stompin' cotton...
When we were little~
things were a lot different than they are now.

and it was good.

Smile and Remember;
We're fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance.

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