Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wish Books

were something we kids looked forward to every year!!
It was a big thick book of a verity of treasures-I was pretty sure it was straight from
The North Pole,
not necessarily from the J. C. Penny's of the North Pole, but I knew there had to be a connection there somehow.
We would spend 'hours - day's & month's' pouring over the contents of that trusty book
writing and re-writing wish lists to send to Santa.
I remember the thing I always wanted the very most~
A snowman shaped sno-cone maker.
I never got it, it wasn't because I was bad or anything~
But you should know I never gave up!
Every year that would go on my list-I even taped a picture to the letter one year-just to have a better shot at it...
Over time the 'Wish Book's' have become smaller
but bring the same sort of enjoyment to the young-un's...
One such magical book happened to come in the mail just yesterday and it was discovered today!
it had wagon's to ride in when you go for long walks!!
Baby's of all kinds! And even cars she could drive herself!!
it had...
See?! The horse says, "HeeeEEee"
She camped out on our bedroom floor while I folded laundry.
I got a kick out of watching her feet!

She could hardly hold still...from laying to sitting to jumping and back again.
We took it from room to room, we even ate lunch with it.
When Gramp got home he was privileged to spend time perusing it's pages with her!
When Mommy got home...
She was just ready to go home and get Daddy.
I hope we get to spend a lot more time with the 'wish book' tomorrow.
Both Gramp and I chuckled over 'wish book' stories from our childhoods as we were ready to end our day..
Who knows,
just maybe,
sugar plums will dance in old dreams again~
Smile and Remember;
We're fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance.
P.S. The wish book was a bigger hit the next day!!!
Even the part when she was ripping pages and eating them :)